Life After 30

Life After 30

Has anything changed in life after you crossed 30 years of age? Many of you may not reach that stage of life, but today I will tell you, how life will be changed after 30 for most of the people?

Why do I write about 30, neither 20 nor 40 ?: 

This is the question you may be thinking to ask me?  Why I have chosen to write about life after 30. Here are the reasons:

  1. Before 30, many of us are still single, even if married, but not having much responsibility.
  2. Before 30, most of us are having some time for ourselves. So we are connected to our friends/family well.
  3. Before 30 most of us are not sure about life (though some us like me, are not sure about life even after 30). Up to 25-27 years we generally concentrate on our study and it takes up to 30 years of life to settle in our Job Life.
  4. Before 30, we don’t have much savings, as we always give ourselves excuse that life has just started!

So basically it almost takes 30 years to understand our own life, what do we want from life, what do we want to be in life, what are the responsibilities we will have in our life, what is important for us and what is not much relevant in life.

Then why not about life after 40, 50 or so on? As per my opinion, 30 is the age when you are settled financially, socially. However at the same time, you have the option to think about your life again. After 40 there will be few opportunities to change our life. By the time we will be less susceptible to any change.


 How will Life Change after 30:

There are several changes happen after you reach 30, some of them are common and some of them may be exclusive for me-

  1. You will start feeling less Energetic-

    Yes I am correct. At this stage most of you will have family, kids. You will have so many responsibility in home, workplace that every time you will feel exhausted mentally and physically.


  1. You will feel disconnected from Family and Friends:

    In this phase of life most of us becoming very busy in handling our day to day responsibilities, we starts giving less importance to family and friends. Most of us do understand that but still cannot have time.


  1. Financially Stressed:

    This is the time when you will start looking into your savings. You have to plan Child’s education, Parents’ medical exigency, own and spouse’s emergency requirement etc. Most of us will have Home Loan/Car Loan/ Study Loan etc. You will always feel how will I manage all the thing with my little income? (Whatever is your income, it seems as little only!!)


  1. Health Issues:

    If you do not give time to regular exercise and have a check on food habits, then by this time you will get some of these health issues e.g. Weight Gain, Sugar, Blood Pressure, Thyroid, Ulcer etc.


  1. Frustration: Frustration generally comes from unfulfilled expectations. In the early age of life (in Twenties) our expectations are less, so we don’t get frustrated easily, but after 30, because off much stress, we get frustrated easily.


What should we  do:

Though you might have read these “Gyan” many times before this, but as per me, the more you read, it is better for all of us.

  1. Eat Healthy: As per me, this is most important. Because of current busy work schedule and wrong food habits, we are prone to take Junk foods. High Sodium Content of these food items can cause high Blood pressure and other heart problems. I am not against of taking restaurant food, but we have to balance that with taking healthy food most of the time.
Eat right.
Photo Credit : Pexels

For eating healthy, I will write further in details in a separate post.


  1. Stay Happy: Staying happy is very necessary in this stage of life. Whenever you are getting some stress, try to console your selves by saying “Stress will not solve my problem”. Whenever I get Stressed, I always think that there are people who does not have food, home, who have some life threatening disease, I don’t have any of these problem, so why to worry? So whenever you get stressed, take 2-3 deep breath, tell yourself I am not stressed and start working on to resolve it.


  1. Try to do some Exercise: I know this is the Gyan, which most of us don’t follow. We always postpone our plan of exercise to next day, next week, next month and so on. I am also not the exception. However what I am following is, whenever I remember, I walk for some time in home/office. There are other ways of keep ourselves active. That you can identify yourself and work on it. On this issue, I will write further in details.


  1. Spend some time on your hobbies: Yes, this will help you to get the energy to deal with life. Most of people do have a hobby/interest. After 30 years of age, you should allocate some time for that special interest. It may be singing, art/craft, writing, travelling anything. Promise you self that you will spend at least 2-3 hour in a week or whatever suits you for your hobby.


  1. Spend quality time with family: At this age, you may be in a senior position in your workplace with many responsibilities or you have lot of responsibilities in home to take care but do give time to your family. Always remember organization will replace you anytime, but your family won’t. You have to balance between family and work. Don’t overstay in office unnecessary to praise your boss. For home maker, I would suggest, take some time for yourself, your kids, and the work can be done later, even it is ok if some of the work you don’t do. After 20 years ahead of life, you will cherish the moments spent with family/friends, not for the work you are doing in office/home.

    Tke a break sometimes! Time for you, tea time…
    PC: Pexels


  1. Contact with your Childhood/School/College Friends: There are some friends who are like family. We need to keep contact regularly with them. Now in the age of social media, we are connected through WhatsApp/Facebook etc., but do call them often, try to meet them once in a year. It will give you immense pleasure. Remember those College/ School days with those friends, still it cause a big smile on your face!! So try to be connected with those friends always.


  1. Travel Often: I know travel cost money, but it is worth spending on yourself for travelling. It will take all your worry and you will feel refreshed after travelling any of your desired place. You can see my post “How to plan your tour”, or People who don’t love to plan travel, can see my Post “Why should you go for unplanned tour”.


Please note that all the aforementioned points are based on my experience, however it may be different for you. Please let me know you views on it by putting a comment below.


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  1. It is after 30 that you start getting compliments for looking younger than your age, or start feeling pressure to look younger than your age. Especially if your spouse is so. 🙂

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