Places to see in Central Java, Indonesia

Places to see in Central Java, Indonesia


The people, who travels to Indonesia, mostly visits Bali or the other popular sea shores. However Java is also very beautiful and I suggest, if you want to see green valley or trek the active Volcanos, or want to visit the stunning architecture of 8-9th century, you must visit Java. In this article, you will get the information of the Places to see in Central Java and Yogyakarta tourist attractions. If you want to know how to plan your budget international trip, Please read  “ Things to know before visiting Indonesia”. 

Klaten is a small place in Central Java Province. The nearest big town is Yogyakarta which has the International Airport. Yogyakarta (known as Jogja) is connected to Klaten via Railway & Road. In local trains, it take almost 50 minutes and in Express trains it take 30 min to reach Jogja from Klaten.  I have stayed 12 days in Klaten in my recent trip to Indonesia.

Here are the details of Yogyakarta tourist attractions:

1.Borobudur Temple:

This is the most popular destination in Yogyakarta, central Java. Borobudur temple is the oldest (8th Century) Buddhist temple in the World and a UNESCO world heritage site. People mostly come for Sunrise trip here. I visited at the time of Sunset. It has 1460 story panels & 1212 decorative panels composed in 11 rows around temple structure.

Entry Fee: For foreigner the entry fee is Rp. 337K. For locals the entry fee is only Rp.10K. For getting an idea of the Indonesian Currency Rupiah, please refer my Post ” Things to know before visiting Indonesia/Foreign Exchange” 

Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2.Prambanan Temple:

Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, made in 9th century.  It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The temple is almost in the border of Klaten and Yogyakarta Province. It is dedicated to three main Gods (Bramha, Vishu and Maheswar). There are 3 big temples along 4 small temples in the compound. The main building is almost 47 meter (154 ft) high. The other 4 temples are – Candi Garuda, Candi Nandi, Candi Angsa, Candi Apit.

Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

Small buses also depart from the campus for other nearby temple such as Candi Plaosan, Candi Lumbung. (Candi means the temple.)You can buy combo ticket for Rp 405K for all three. Bus service to Borobudur is also available from here. Combo ticket for Borobudur & Prambanan can be purchased with Rp. 620K, but the Borobudur tour has to be done within 2 days.

Entry Fee: (for foreigner) Rp. 337K (along with one complimentary drinks).For locals the entry fee is only 10K.

3.Masjid Agung Aqsha Klaten:

This is the best mosque in Klaten. It is beside the Yogyakarta-Klaten- Solo Highway and most popular landmark in Klaten. The inside architecture is also awesome. Still construction is going on in some parts. It is best in night when it is illuminated. For Non-Muslim people, you have to cover your head before entering.

Entry fee: No entry fee

Masjid Agung Aqsha, Klaten Indonesia
Inside The Masjid Agung Aqsha, Klaten Indonesia

4.Candi Sewu, Candi Lumbung & Candi Bubrah:

These three temples are inside the campus of the Prambanan temple, which may not be known to everyone. If you buy the ticket for Prambanan Temple, you can visit these three temple without giving any entry fee. To visit the temple you can take the toy train, which runs inside the campus near Prambanan temple. Minimum 10 people is needed to start the train. There are other options as well-

  1. Battery operated Car: For that you need to pay Rp. 20K, and you can do the whole campus tour, visit those temple, and visit the deer park and can see the Southern Cassowary. It is the second largest bird in the world, which can be seen only in Indonesia and Australia.
  2. Rent a bicycle: You can rent a bicycle for 10K and do the campus tour.
  3. The third and cheapest option is use your leg!! That’s what I did.
Candi Lumbung, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Candi Bubrah, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

5.Candi Plaosan:

This is one of the best Buddhist temple after Borobudur in Central Java. This temple is also build in the 9th  Century. It is surrounded by lush green paddy fields. There are two temples in the same Campus. Inside the temple there are Buddha’s statue. Entry Fee: Rp.8K.

Candi Plaosan, Indonesia

There are some other interesting places to visit and activities you can do in the nearby area.

6.Umbul Pongok:

It is a natural pool, where the bottom of the pool is sand and rock and you can witnessed lot of fish in the natural pool. It is quite popular for beginner snorkelers and inexperienced diver. However if you would have already done snorkeling in Sea then it may seem little artificial to you. Entry Fee: Rp.14K


7.Learn How to make popular pastry Bakpia:

Bakpia is a traditional Pastry/sweet, which is very popular in Indonesia, Philippines and China. I visited the place where they will show you how they are making it. You can taste all the variety and then decide which one to take. There was 3 varieties available, 1. Keju 2. Chocolate 3. Campur. I bought the Chocolate one. It was tasty. Price: Rp.14K for 10 Piece.

Bakpia, Foods in Java, Indonesia

8.See The Puppet Show & Drama:

You must see the puppet show in Indonesia. It is known as Wayang. The term Wayang means Shadow (in Javanese) Unlike India, here puppet means a leather made designed piece of art with which a drama is performed. If you see the shadow of the puppet, it is even more interesting. It is also very popular in other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Puppet Show, Java, Indonesia

Places to see in Central Java, Indonesia

There are other activities such as Trekking Mount Merapi (Active Volcano), View Sun Set at the Floating Restaurant, which can be explored based on the availability of time & interest.