Things to try in Singapore

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Well, if you’re planning to be on a trip to Singapore, selecting a few best activities to indulge in would be a little tough. Since the city provides you with a lot of gorgeous attractions, thrilling activities, and a number of day trips with the loved ones, you cannot choose some from all. Don’t worry, we are here with the must-try activities to make your things easier. Just sit back and continue reading top things to try in Singapore.

Who would miss a golden chance to get a picture with their celebrity crush and your role models, right? What if I say you can have them all in one place? Well, that’s possible all because of Madame Tussauds, the famous wax statue in Singapore. My apologies, if I hurt your excitement level. But one or the other way, Singapore gives you a chance to stand next to your role models and have a picture with them. Routeprints team visited Singapore and here they are with best travel guide.

Marina Bay

If you have visited the place long years back, you would only find a calm body of water right there at the entry of the Singapore River. But now, everything has changed drastically as Marina Bay in Singapore has transformed beautifully and shows why the place is counted in the list of the world’s best travel destinations. The place comes with the city’s incredible skyscrapers, hotels, and famous spots. And one cannot or I will say, should not miss visiting Marina Bay Sands Resort. Spend a night there and have an exotic glass of drink.

Merina Bay

Universal Studios

Universal Studio is considered one of the top places to visit in Singapore. Let’s have some time. For those who don’t know, the Studio was the very first kind of amusement park that got started in Southeast Asia. The park offers their visitors with 7 different themed zones including Ancient Egypt, Hollywood, Far Far Away, Lost World, Madagascar, and New York, along with numerous rides and shows, which are all related to the popular movies of the film studios. Also, the park is a part of Resorts World Sentosa Development, so if you’re going to Sentosa Island with the family, do not miss Universal Studios.

Universal Studios

Little India

This is one of the must see place in Singapore. This is one of the places that show the incredible ethnic diversity of the country. Little India is known as an amazing cultural enclave and the Heritage Walks that got started currently is the ideal way to learn more about the area. The place is home to wonderful colors, superb scents, and sounds. If you’re not the one who easily gets nauseated, you can walk around the Wet Market, which is present there on the first floor of the Tekka Market. There’s another option that you can accept the Anthony’s Bourdain’s challenge and go on a scavenger hunt inside Mustafa’s, and the best part is the store remains open for 24 hours from where you can buy almost everything.

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Little India

Why should you travel solo at least once in your life

Pulau Ubin

If you wanted to be a guest of Indonesia or Thailand by any chance and just for island-hopping. Don’t get disheartened because Singapore also has a few splendid islands to pay a visit to. Reach the Changi Ferry Terminal and hop on to a bumboat, from there you can take a short ride to Pulau Ubin. After you reach the place, you can hire a bike from the small town present to the right of jetty and explore the island. In addition to this, the island is the home to the country’s last traditional village and Chek Jawa Wetlands too.

Pulau Ubin

Gardens by the Bay

First of all, an important thing to note that the place is felicitated by numerous architectural awards and is a bright, colorful, massive, and futuristic park present in the Bay Area of Singapore. Also, the place is mainly famous for its exceptional landscape, especially the Super tree Grove that allows you to have a wonderful skywalk over the gardens, along with huge seashell-shaped greenhouses that beautifully creates wintry mountain climates, and an enormous number of trees and places to explore, thus makes it a perfect option to visit for both adults and children.

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Raffles Hotel

When in Singapore, you cannot miss being at the very renowned colonial-style Raffles Hotel. This outstanding luxurious hotel is known to be one of the best places since 1887 and became one of the crucial landmarks in Singapore. The special part about the hotel is that it has 103 suites, 18 different bars, and restaurants, and is home to 40 best boutiques and stores, and by BEST you can surely think of lush stores like Louis Vuitton and Tiffany &Co. You should visit the Raffles Bar to live and enjoy the greatest Singapore Sling in town. Why greatest, because it was first created here only and they are adept in making the same.

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Top things to try in Singapore

Places to visit in Singapore

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