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If you are travelling to any of the South East Asian or Asian countries or any other international destination and want to know South East Asia packing list or Asia packing list or want to know about my packing list example, please read below.

As we know, nowadays if you plan 2-3 months ahead, you can get as cheap as domestic flights rate to most of the South East Asian and Asian countries. Mostly for Thailand, Indonesia, Srilanka, Nepal, Myanmar you can get very good deals in skyscanner  or in Google flight. At the same time if you buy those cheaper flight tickets, you may know there is only cabin luggage of 7-10 Kg is allowed per ticket. So here is the requirement of packing light, yet pack all the useful things. These are few things of your International trip packing list.

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In the packing list there are some common things to pack whether you are male or female. Those are-

 1.Camera: Camera is a most important thing to carry if you are travelling to any destination. This will help you to keep the memories. At the same time carrying a good camera is essential. I personally carry my Nikon D3400 along with 18-55mm (kit lens) and 70-300 mm lens. If you have DSLR, the benefit is you can buy the right lens as per your requirement. Also the battery backup is very good (mostly for 6-8 hours for continuous shots) for DSLR. This is the best DSLR for beginners. Here is the link of Nikkon D3400  if you don’t have but want to buy this DSLR. Nikkon DSLR D3400

My DSLR D3400

 2 Go Pro: Additionally as most of the Asian (except Nepal) and South East Asian countries have awesome sea beaches, where you can experience awesome snorkeling and scuba drive, so it’s better to carry a go pro action camera which is water proof, so you can get your under water memories. Here is the link of the best  Go Pro Hero and another one is Pluto plus  which is cheaper and best for beginners.

3.Power bank: Power bank is another very essential thing. Though most of the airport you will have charging option, but it is always better to carry a power bank with you. Especially if you love to watch video in your mobile or Tablet or your kids see the nursery rhymes all the time (like mine)!! We use Mi 20000 mAH. Mi power bank is what I recommend. Here is the link to buy  10000 MAH Mi  and 20000MAH MI power banks.

4.Extra Memory Card for your camera: Always carry extra 2-3 memory cards as back up. Sometimes memory card suddenly get damaged, so always it’s better to carry extra 32 GB or 64 GB memory card. There two card you can consider buying which I am using currently. Here are the links- 32 GB Memory card, 64 GB Memory card

5. Selfi stick: This has become another essential (though we don’t have till now) things in the era of selfi lovers. You should carry your selfi stick mostly if you are travelling solo.

I missed it when I went in my solo trip to Indonesia.  Want to read about my Indonesia trip, here is the links of Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta and Nusa Penida posts.

6. Kindle: If you are an avid book reader, this is a must have product in your packing list, especially if you have long layover in some airport. I am using Kindle paper white 6” with built in light and Wi-Fi. Here is the link to buy it.

My Kindle

This has long battery backup (once in a month) and built in light will help you to read in night. It will not strain your eyes like mobile. It is definitely a good investment whether you travel or be at home.

There is another model which is cheaper but does not have built in light light. You can choose this to start with. Here is the link to buy Kindle 6″ with built in light and wifi and Kindle 6″ galre free and wi fi.

7.International Travel Adapter: This is another most important things to carry. I use one small adapter like this, which fits for almost 150 countries. This is the link to buy the international travel adapter.

My International travel adapter

8.Good Quality shoes: This is not for packing but this one is one of the most important thing in your trip. Good quality trekking or hiking shoes from Reebok, Woodland, Campus can be purchased.

If you are travelling Solo, then this is the additional travel essentials for Women:

 1. Toiletry kit/ Bag: This is essential as all your toiletries can be organized into a small space. I use this bag for all my travel. The quality of the bag is ok. You can buy this or can use any of the small bag available at your home.

My Toiletry bag

Don’t carry cream, shampoo, paste, conditioner or any other liquid product more than 100 ml bottle.  In most of the international airport, it is not allowed.

 In the toiletry bag, here are some essentials product to carry: Tooth Brush, Tooth paste, Body wash/soap, conditioner, Mosquito repellent (which is a must for South East Asia packing list or Asia packing list), Sun scream lotion (at least SPF 50 +), important medicine, some waterproof band-aid, Sun glass, Umbrella etc.

2. Electric Hair Trimmer: I personally don’t want to spend my dollars on beauty salon in abroad. So whenever I travel outside I carry my Veet Sensitive touch Expert electric trimmer. This is very light weight yet useful for hair removal of face, hand, Eyebrows etc. This is even useful if you don’t like to waste your useful time in salon (like me) even when you are at home.

My hair trimmer

Here is the link for the product if you want to buy Veet Sensitive touch Expert electric trimmer.


If you are travelling Solo, then this is the travel essentials for Men:

 1. Shaving Kit: I feel this is the most important things to pack for men. Here are some small travel shaving kit you can consider buying for all your business tour or personal travel. Shaving kit link to buy.

Other than this you may carry your favorite sunglass, Cap or umbrella for sun & rain protection.

Most of the South East Asian countries are hot and humid, so you have to select you dress to keep mind that. Most try to take 3-4 set of cotton shirt and T shirt. Take extra 1-2 sets of socks.

If you are travelling to Thailand, take at least one full pant, as you will not be allowed in shorts in all the temples at Bangkok. Here is my post about Bangkok temple tour and how to do it with the help of BTS.

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So that’s all are my packing list example. Is there anything I missed? Tell me anything which you generally pack in your international trip.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. However most of the products are used by me and that’s why I recommend to purchase.

South East Asia Packing list
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