Incredible India !!

Incredible India !!


I feel myself very lucky and proud that I am an Indian. Not only because it has rich culture, but also people from different culture can live here happily. This is the only Asian country where you can find Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist and many other people from different religious background stay together, enjoy each other’s festivals, food. Such kind of cultural diversity can rarely be seen in other Asian countries.

In India, there are 36 nos. of states including 5 union territories. Each states have so many unique destinations. For my work, I have stayed Delhi (2 Years), Kolkata (6 Years), Chennai (4.5 Years) and now shifted to Mumbai.  We have travelled many places keeping those metro cities as base. Here is my travel stories state wise-

North India

  1. Delhi

    India Gate- Delhi
    India Gate at night PC: Pixabay
  2. Jammu and Kashmir

    Dal Lake Kashmir
    Dal Lake Kashmir PC: Pixabay


East and North East India

  1. Sikkim

    Sikkim, India
    Sikkim, India PC: Pixabay
  2. Orissa

    Orissa, India
    Orissa, India PC:Pixabay

South India

  1. Tamilnadu

    Tamilnadu, India
    Tamilnadu, India PC: Pixabay
  2. Karnataka

  3. Kerala

  4. Pondicherry

    Auroville, Pondicherry- Thing to know before you visit Auroville, Pondicherry 


West India

1. Gujarat


Places to visit at Ahmedabad in one day

Rann of Kutch Festival-All you need to know

2. Maharashtra


Ajanta and Ellora caves from Mumbai