Safety of Tourist in Kashmir

Safety of Tourist in Kashmir

Is Kashmir safe for Tourist?

Whenever anyone is thinking to visit Kashmir, the first thing comes into mind is safety. Though India is considered one of the safest countries for tourism, Kashmir seems to be the exception. Recently I have visited my dream place “heaven on earth” Kashmir. Before going the place, I checked many times about the safety of tourist in Kashmir.

In this post I will share my experience of Safety in Kashmir. We were total 7 people (my husband Aritra, daughter, parents and in laws). Before going we had to convince our parents, as they were little afraid after so many stories related to the Kashmir in news channels.May be they were following Kashmir news more as we are going there. It became even worse when in July 2017, the terrorists attacked the Amaranth yatris and 7 persons were killed. Somehow I and Aritra had the belief the nothing will happen as we believe that we should not fear the uncertainty. Thanks to our Parents, who had trust in our belief and even they had fear for Kashmir, they finally agreed to visit Kashmir.

Serene Dal Lake, Srinagar

After reaching Srinagar airport, when we started to move towards city, we felt awkward to see Army men carrying gun in every 500 meters. I must agree that I was little terrified too. We spend 6 days in Srinagar. In between there were 2 curfews and 1 bandh, but believe me, we did not face any problem. The people of Kashmir are very helpful. Our driver was telling us that tourists are their pass to go anywhere even in karfu, as no one will stop tourist even in those karfu days.

Kashmiri Villegers

We were outside till 9 pm in the market and the market was as crowded as in other cities. The ladies were also in the market at that time of the night.

I was feeling pity for the Kashmiri people, the valley is so peaceful and the people are so good, but they have to face so much problem due to all the political issues. For the same reason, the tourists are also less nowadays.

My Little Kashmiri Friends ..

Things to Consider:

After staying with family and kids, I can assure you, if you want to visit the paradise, you must visit. Just take one good driver, as he is the person who will take care of you if anything happens. Also keep some dry food (biscuit, friuts, cakes etc) items as it may be required if sudden karfu happens. Always remember anything can be happened to you even if you are at home, so without fear visit Kashmir.

For more details of Srinagar,Gulmarg, Sonmarg & Pahalgaon, please wait for my next post.


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