The Disappearing Sea- Chandipur, Orissa

The Disappearing Sea- Chandipur, Orissa

Weekend Gateway From Kolkata…

Are you planning to visit a sea-shore in the coming holiday? I would suggest you to visit the Disappearing Sea- Chandipur, Orissa. It is also one of the perfect weekend gateway from Kolkata. It is the most unique sea beach of Bay of Bengal, I have ever seen. The sea recedes as much as 5 Km every day during ebb and fill again during high tide. You can witness the phenomena twice in a day!!

So basically at certain time of the day you can walk up to 5 Km inside the sea which is unthinkable for any of its kind. I agree that, there are other better beaches available in Orissa, but this one is most distinctive in India (if not in Asia or World).

Chandipur beach during High Tide
Chandipur beach during Ebb Tide

How to Reach:

By Rail: Chandipur is very near (12 Km) from Balasore Railway Station. Most of the South East railways trains pass through the station. From Station you will get Cab/Auto to reach the destination.

By Road: Chandipur is connected via NH5 with major cities. From Kolkata the distance is approx. 250 Km and from Bhubaneswar it is approx. 200 Km. We went in the year 2012, the road condition was not very good that time.

Best time to visit:

Winter (Nov-Feb) is the best time to visit, as the temperature will be soothing that time. Summer (March-June) is hot & humid. Monsoon (July-September) can also be considered .

Places to Stay/ Eat:

There are a lot of guest houses, hotels available across beach at various range of price (Rs. 500 –Rs.2000 /day). Foods were also of decent qualities. Non vegetarian & vegetarian both option are available.

Don’t forget to ask the tide timings of high tide & ebb tide as most of the hotels update the list based on lunar cycle. It will be easy to plan your tour based on that.

Places to See:

If you want to explore other places nearby, there are few of them too, you should not miss-



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  1. Most enjoyable beach for someone like me who does not know swimming. Because in the high tide one has to walk 3-4 kms to be completely submerged….so no fear of any accident… Just enjoy in the water.After all why should swimmers have all the fun

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