Top 5 Places to visit at Ahmedabad in one day

This year we visited Gujarat in Diwali vacation. We stayed in Ahmadabad for one day. After taking feedback from my college friends who are staying there and doing lot of research on which are the places to visit in Ahmadabad in one day, I decided to visit these places. Here are the top 5 places to visit with other related details.

How to Reach Ahmedabad:

By Air:

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is the nearest international airport located in the 8 km north from the city. This airport is named after 1st Deputy Prime Minister of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

By Train:

The nearest railway station is Ahmedabad Jn.(ADI). This station is connected to the most of the cities in India. Though there are other 3 railway stations but let’s not get confused. If you are travelling for the first time then you better reach Ahmedabad Jn.

By Bus:

Ahmedabad Central bus stand (CBS) is well connected to all the nearby states. There are sleeper AC bus which are quite convenient way of travelling inside Gujarat, as the roads are very good.

Best time to Visit:

Ahmedabad is very hot during the summer. Generally temperature varies from 44-47 degree in daytime, so better avoid that time of the year. The best time to visit Gujarat is winter. October-December is the best time as the weather will not be much cold.

Gujarati Food:

Though some people may say Gujarati food is very sweet, I personally like it very much. In Ahmedabad, you will find lots of good Gujarati restaurant. You must try their thali. I love Gujarati snacks also. Khakra, Thepla, Mohanthal (sweet), Khanvi- all are my favorite.

If you are travelling first time to Ahmedabad, then must try Khichri. This restaurant of Prahlad Nagar make 36 types of Khichri and I must say all of them are very good. We tried 7 types of Khichri.

Places to visit nearby Ahmedabad:          

Sabarmati Ashram

Gandhi Ashram, as the name suggest is situated beside the Sabarmati River. Mahatma Gandhi ji spend his 20 years of life here along with his wife. This was the place form where he started Salt Satyagraha in 1930. The campus is very peacefull.

Gandhi Ashram

Spinning wheel machine at Gandhi Ashram
Sabarmati Ashram- Places near Ahmadabad

The huge area is comprising of many buildings/kutir. Every kutir showcase some memories of Gandhi ji.  In one of the Kutir, there are various types of Chakra are showcased. You can sit and spend a lot of time by just sitting at the riverfront inside the campus.

Akshardham Temple

Akshardham temple is one of the largest Hindu temple in Gujarat. Situated almost

Akshardham temple is one of the largest Hindu temple in Gujarat. Situated in Gandhinagar the temple is almost 25 Km from the Ahmedabad Airport. You will definitely be amazed by the architecture of the temple.

Timing:  Every Tuesday –Sunday (9.30am- 7.30pm), Monday Close. For more details visit

You will not be permitted to enter the temple with your bag/mobile/camera. Everything except the purse, you need to submit outside the temple. Inside there is cafeteria, canteen etc. You need at least 4-5 hours if you want to witness all the shows and exhibitions. All those exhibitions are depicts the life of Swaminarayan, how he moved from one place to another place, walking down to each and every corner of India and how he gathered the wisdom.   There is a water light and sound show which starts at 7.00 pm (Tuesday to Sunday).

Siddi Sayyed’s Mosque

Siddi Sayad ki Jali

Siddi Sayyed’s Mosque is one of the important place to visit. This place is built in 1572-73 AD by Siddi Sayyad. The rear wall of the mosque contains this beautiful architecture of lattice work pieces called Jali. One of the piece is considered as the brand logo of IIM Ahmadabad. This mosque is considered one of the oldest mosque in the city.   

Siddi Sayad Mosque, Ahmedabad
Siddi Sayad ki Jali, this one is the logo of IIM, Ahmedabad

Jama Masjid

Built in 1424, Jama Masjid is one of the most amazing mosque in Ahmedabad.  This mosque was built in the era of Ahmed Shah. The prayer room is quite big and you can see beautiful design in the yellow stone of the wall.

The mosque is surrounded by a big area of garden which is well maintained.

Jama Mosque Ahmadabad
Jama Masjid, Ahmadabad
Jama Mosque Ahmedabad

Adalaj Stepwell   

Step well or step pond is quite common in the arid or semi-arid regions of Gujarat. There are many pond or Vav (in Hindi) in and around Ahmedabad, Adalaj is one of the most popular among them. Built in 1498, this pond used to be one of the main source of water for local people. It is told that the temperature of water is at least 6 degree cooler than outside water as the direct sunlight cannot reach well water. The beautiful sculpture of the wall and staircase will definitely make you surprised.

Adalaj stepwell is approx. 15 km from Ahmedabad towards Gandhinagar. While going to Akshardham temple we entered the place. This place has no entry fee and it is open from 6am to 6pm.

feeling relaxed inside the Adalaj steps
Beauful sculpture of Adalaj

Please save the images below for future reference. Thank you for your patience reading. Happy Travelling.

laces to visit at Ahmedabad in one day
Places near Ahmedabad

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